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Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance
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11th Birthday Celebration &
Hurricane Ike Benefit

On Sunday, September 14, 2008, our Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance & Cultural Center converted our originally planned 11th Birthday Celebration into a Hurricane Ike Relief Event that raised food-donations for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. Just days before, Hurricane Ike hit our coastal shores and was headed to Austin, Texas. As the storm progressed, the hurricane altered its path making Austin a safe haven. Austin opened its doors to the mass exodus of over 6000 evacuees from the coastal regions in its path. Our schools and public facilities were filled with families seeking safety from the storm.

Free and open to the public, this event demonstrated our continued committment to share our culture with our community and hand down our beautiful heritage to a new generation! Approximately 200 from our local community, nearby cities -- and even guest hurricane families -- were treated to informal performances of music and dance -- Bomba, Plena, Salsa, and Taino music and dance -- by our company and performing arts students. The community participated in a "Bombazo" and sang and danced with us before the barriles! The children enjoyed singing happy birthday to our escuelita and blowing out the birthday candles. We dedicated a closing Areito, a Taino prayer and ceremonial dance, to the families affected by the hurricane.

Bomba dance and singalong -- for all!

The community dances Bomba!

Happy Birthday dear Escuelita!

Plena, Salsa, everybody dance!

Taino prayer and areito, dedicated to hurricane families

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