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Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance

Celebrando 2004 - Pirates of Puerto Rico

What an exciting night, after years of research, to debut our mini-musical about the exciting adventures of Cofresi, the pirate and legendary hero whose story we brought to life in "The Pirates of Puerto Rico." This PRFDance original musicial was written by PRFDance Director Ana Maria Maynard.

According to popular legend, Pirate Cofresi was the "Robin Hood" of Puerto Rico, stealing treasure from wealthy ships carrying riches to and from the Caribbean and sharing it with the poor.

Thanks to a workshop our dancers received from Tina Gramann, Zachary Scott Theatre Stage Combat Teacher and Fight Choreographer, our pirate swordfighting scenes were very exciting! To add to the excitement, we were honored to have Paracumbe from Puerto Rico join our musicians in this exciting adventure!

Enjoy these wonderful memories of our first mini-musical.

Adventures of Pirate Cofresi!

Grand Finale!

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