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Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance

Celebrando 2007 - 10th Anniversary Maestros Reunion

On June 23-24, 2007, Celebrando 2007 brought to life Puerto Rico's cultural traditions with a once in a lifetime, all-live music and dance production that celebrated the 10th anniversary of Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance ! With this project we brought back an ALL-STAR cast, four beloved Maestros and recognized experts with over 30 years of tenure in Puerto Rican folklore, for a master-level music and dance workshop of Puerto Rico's traditional styles and a culminating performance including Joaqin Nieves (Director, Guateque Ballet Folklorico de Puerto Rico), Dr. Emanuel Dufrasne-Gonzalez, (renowned Puerto Rican ethnomusicologist and Director of Paracumbe), and Nelie Lebron-Robles (Director of Paracumbe), Tata Cepeda (Escuela de Baile de Bomba Dona Caridad Brenes de Cepeda) and Victor "Tico" Fuentes (Loiza). The Maestros were delighted to be part of this project because they are proud of PRFDance's growth over the last decade during which they have been training PRFDance's Director. They enjoyed coming to Austin to personally engage with our company, and to refresh and advance our training in traditional music and dance. See photos from our March 2007, week-long master workshop with Maestro Joaquin Nieves, Director of Guateque de Puerto Rico. Enjoy the memories (below) of Celebrando 2007 - 10 Year Anniversary Maestros Reunion, the spectacular joint performance that culminated this project and took our audience on a voyage through every major style of Puerto Rican traditional dance including Bomba from Cangrejo, Ponce and Loiza, Plena, Bailes de Salon (Danza), Bailes de las Montanas (Seis), and the rich Musica de las 40s -- 6 costume changes! This show was sponsored in part by a Chairman Award from the National Endowment for the Arts, the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, the Texas Arts Commission on the Arts, the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, IBM, and private and industry sponsors.

Celebrating all we have learned in 10 years!

Bailes de Salon!

Bailes de las Montanas!

Bomba Surreno - Ponce!

Bomba de Loiza - Carnaval!

Bomba Cangrejo de Cepeda!

Pelea de Gallos!

Musica de Los 40s!

Pregones & Plena at the Plaza!

See Photo Album for other past performances!

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