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Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance
Esperanza del la Herencia 2009

On May 16, 2009, Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance brought the rich heritage of Puerto Rico to Austin with the debut of "Esperanza de la Herencia," a new performance event dedicated to inspiring Youth. Free to youth of all ages, this live-music-and-dance, end-of-school-year Student Recital showcased more than 30 of our own cultural arts dance and music students -- including our preschool-age Coquies and their families! Members of PRFDance, our Professional-level and Junior Performing Companies, joined in the show, and, our PRFDance Director rounded out the event with interesting educational narrations about our cultural history and traditions. This joyful and highly educational performance was enjoyed by a full house, including grade-school students who had come to do "research" on our heritage for a school project!

Children are the hope of the future. Through our programs, we hope they develop a love for our culture that will last a lifetime, and will continue to celebrate and transmit this joyful heritage to future generations.

At The Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance & Cultural Center...

Students of all ages learned Bomba music and dance!

Even our Coquies and their Familes learn Bomba!

PRFDance Director encourages shy little Coqui to dance!

Our Youth sing in Spanish and dance to Jibaro (mountain) music!

We honor our Ancestors by teaching our Taino traditions!

We remember our Abuelos with Juegos Infantiles (traditional games)!

Passing down our heritage is our reward!

See our Photo Album for more!

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