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Octavitas Celebration Event 2010
& Fundraiser for Haiti Relief
With Parranderos de Austin

On Sunday, January 24, 2010, the Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance partnered with The Parranderos de Austin for the largest "Octavitas" celebration Central Texas had ever seen! This performance event, free and open to the public, included a Fundraiser for Haiti relief, to aid recovery from the earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands in our neighboring Caribbean Island the week before. People were very generous and hundreds of dollars were collected and sent to the American Red Cross in the name of our community.

Hundreds attended, included many sweet families from our local community, as well as distant neighbors from Dallas, Killeen, Waco, and San Antonio, to help Puerto Ricans in Austin end the longest holiday season on the planet!

Puerto Rico's Christmas Season begins with Thanksgiving and ends with Octavitas, the last holiday of the season, beginning 8 days after the Epiphany and lasting for 8 days (no kidding)! In Puerto Rican tradition, if you received a visit from a friend or relative on Three Kings' Day, you are supposed to return the visit eight days later. Our community brought their instruments, their children and grandparents to sing along -- one last time -- to joyful Puerto Rican holiday songs led by The Parranderos de Austin. Everyone enjoyed the potpourri of live music and dance styles from traditional dance PRFDance's Professional & Junior Company and Performing Arts Students.

Enjoy these photos from our celebration and performance event that demonstrated once again our committment to share our culture with our community and hand down our beautiful heritage to a new generation!

See Photo Album for other past performances and events!

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