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Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance

Sembrando Herencia 2007
Angelito Borincano

Sembrando Herencia is our annual full-length performance that passes on our heritage to a new generation! Enjoy photos from this year's Sembrando which debuted our newest mini-musical Angelito Borincano. When the 1899 Hurricane San Ciriaco hit the island, the Jibaros of Puerto Rico were given an Angel! The exciting adventures took Angelito Borincano through the 1950's great migration from the mountains of Puerto Rico to New York City -- and back -- searching for a heroic act that would earn him his deluxe wings! This original, bilingual musical was created by PRFDance Director Ana Maria Tekina-eiru' Maynard in collaboration with Rupert Reyes, Director of Teatro Vivo. Although Angelito Borincano and his adventures were purely fictional, our story was rich in Puerto Rican history and traditions. Enjoy our investigation of the historical settings in which our delightful, funny, action-adventure musical took place! Also enjoy photos from the other half of our show, when our Performing Company shared the stage with our Performing Arts Students in a joyful celebration of traditional dance, music and song.

A New Angelito for Boriken

Bedtime in the Mountains

The Mountains of Boriken

Baquine for Baby

La Despedida

On the Plane

Navidades en Los Nuevayores & all that Jive!

Plena Duel sets the record straight

At the Factory

Bomba to dance away the sadness

Danger on the Streets

Back in the Mountains

Angelito returns Forever

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