Our Father in Taino
El Padre Nuestro en Taino

Guakia Baba (Our Father, Nuestro Padre)
Turey toca (is in sky, cielo estar)
Guami-ke-ni (Lord of land and water, SeNor de tierra y agua)
Guami-caraya-guey (Lord of moon and sun, SeNor de luna y sol)
Guarico (come to, ven a)
Guakia (us, nosotros)
Tayno-ti (good, bueno; tall, alto)
Bo-matum; (big, generous; grande, generoso)
Busica (give to, da a)
Guakia (us, nosotros)
Para yucubia (rain plants; lluvia planta)
Aje-cazabi; (yams bread; Name pan)
Juracan-jua (bad spirit, no; espiritu malo, no)
Maboya-jua (bad spirit/ghost, no; espiritu malo/fantasma, no)
Jokaju-Jan; (good spirit, yes; espiritu bueno, si)
Dio-sa (of God, de Dios)
Nabori daca (servant am I, yo tu siervo)
Jan Jan Catu (So be it, Asi sea)


  • Photo: Cacike Caciba Opil of the Concilio Taino Guatu Ma Cu a Boriken. Used with Permission.
  • From: Pre-Historia de Puerto Rico, by Dr. Cayetano Coll y Toste, TIP. Boletin Mercantil, San Juan, 1907.

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