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1st Annual Spring Areyto 2011

If we look like we were having a good time, we surely did! On April 10, 2011 our PRFDance Cultural Center, thanks to members of El Concilio Taino, enjoyed our 1st annual Spring Areyto (ceremonial dance) at the beautiful Berry Springs Park & Preserve. We were delighted to have visitors all the way from Corsicana, Killeen, and San Antonio, TX and even Oklahoma at this special Taino Gathering that celebrated the end of winter as well as the end of "Taino Extinction myth."

Thanks to the 2010 US Census results announced, blood Taino from Puerto Rico are celebrating the "reversal" of the 1800 Census (to Spain) that eliminated the Indio category and erased on paper the existence of thousands of Taino still living in the mountains of Boriken!

According to the US 2010 Census, Puerto Rico (alone!) counted near 20,000 in the American Indian category, an almost 50% gain over the last 2000 Census. This, of course, was of no surprise to thousands of (mtDNA documented) blood Taino. Thanks to changes in the 2010 Census, the increased world-wide reach of the internet (since 2000), and the tireless work of organizations who had the power to get the word out, Taino finally had a way to be counted again among "the living." We look forward to these statistics increasing as mainland Taino are counted!

We would like to thank the Indigenous Cultures Institute (Census Partners) who worked with us during the Census, and El Concilio Taino Guatu Ma Cu A Boriken, for teaching us about our Taino heritage. Our Director, Tekina-eirú is mentored and trained in her native traditions by (Chief) Cacike Caciba Opil. She is a Tekina in the Suania -- a Teacher of Taino traditions in the Americas, and a leader of ceremonial dance.

1st Annual Spring Areyto 2011

We can't wait for next year!

Enjoy more photos of our Taino Heritage!!

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