The international folkloric company “Cimiento de Puerto Rico” is dedicated to the indigenous music and dance of Puerto Rico…the bomba and the plena.  Professor Modesto Cepeda founded the group. He is a musician, composer, director, singer, and folklorist since birth with a long musical, educational and cultural history.

Cimiento de Puerto Rico is considered one of the most professional and skilled groups in Puerto Rico and abroad. The group has performed in Spain, the United States, St. Thomas, and Martinique and in some of the most prestigious cultural centers and communities of Puerto Rico. In addition, the group has given command performances at the “Teatro Principal de Palma de Mallorca” and the “Auditorio de Espana de las Baleares”.

Cimiento de Puerto Rico placed eighth at the 4th World Folkloric Dance Festival in Palmas de Mallorca, Spain in 1991. In 1997 they were judged to be the fourth best dance group from among the top 35 countries in the world!! Cimiento de Puerto Rico is privileged to have obtained the transcendental goal of having impacted the five continents of the world, an achievement that aspire the greatest artists and groups of Puerto Rico and the world.

To contact Cimiento de Puerto Rico please call the director, professor Modesto Cepeda at (787) 728-1096 or  (787) 728-6969. Correspondence may be sent to P.O. Box 7625, Barrio Obrero Station, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00916 or by e-mail at

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