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Celebrando 2011 - 10 Years Celebrating
Workshop with Tito Matos & Tata Cepeda

On March 24-28, 2011, PRFDance kicked off our 10th year of projects with Folklore Masters direct from Puerto Rico! How exciting -- after more than 10 years of mentorship and friendship with our PRFDance Director -- to have Tata Cepeda and Viento de Agua's own Tito Matos here in Austin to directly train our Performing Company in a 5-day, master-level and powerful workshop on Plena and Bomba music and dance. We also learned how to make and play the Tumbandero (washtub bass), and received great tips on Barrile drum enhancements and repair! Our Youth students likewise had their own personal workshop experience with the folklore masters direct from Puerto Rico...in Spanish!

In June, the Maestros returned for our joint performance, a special edition Celebrando 2011 that celebrated 10 years of projects with Maestros from Puerto Rico with a night of dancing for all to the hot Plena of Viento de Agua Unplugged, Bomba with Tata Cepeda, hot Salsa Gorda with DJ Bufiao, and Austin's own Leticia Rodriguez performing Boleros from Puerto Rico. This successful event was the birth of our annual Salsa & Heritage Festival! Enjoy the show photos.

Tata's Bomba Workshop!

Tito's Bomba Percussion Workshop!

Tito's Barrile Workshop - Adding enhancements!

Youth Workshop & Fun with the Maestros!

Tito's Plena Percussion Workshop!

Playing the Tumbandero Washtub Bass we built!

Celebration of Workshop End!

We can't wait for June!

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