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PRFDance & Cultural Center

1st Permanent Facility Grand Opening
Open House "Bombazo" Celebration

August 6, 2006

On Sunday, August 6th, the Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance & Cultural Center celebrated the grand opening of our cultural center's first multipurpose facility! Our celebration featured a "Bombazo," a Puerto Rican tradition that invites the community to come and dance with us before the drum! Families brought their picnics and enjoyed our big, tree covered lawn. Others played dominoes, and some of us just danced and danced!

It was heatwarming to have so many old and new friends come out to celebrate with us, including new faces from the community, long-time friends, sponsors, new and old students and their families. We were also treated to visitors from as far away as Houston, Dallas, Killeen and San Antonio who were thrilled to have this Cultural Center in Central Texas and drove upto 3-4 hours to show their joy and support! Special guests Theresa Jenkins from the Grammy/Latin Grammy organization stopped by to congratulate us for our hard work, accomplishments and dedication, as well as, Jesus Pantel from the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division who came to recognize just one of many arts groups in Austin who makes Central Texas a diverse and exciting City!

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Ana Maria Maynard, PRFDance is dedicated to the preservation and authentic representation of Puerto Rican culture. Our cultural center houses our ongoing programs in cultural and performing arts education as well as our professional-level performing company, "Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance". The PRFDance & Cultural Center is a vibrant and growing institution thanks to an ever growing number of people who are helping to build a legacy for our children and community. This opening of our first permanent location dedicated to this unique slice of Hispanic culture brings a spotlight to Austin. We are one of the few in the country offering both ongoing performing arts and educational programs for children through adults in the full cross-section of Puerto Rican folklore and culture, and a performing company, under one roof. Offering continuous programs since 1997, year after year we receive repeat awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, as well as cultural arts funding from the City of Austin and the Texas Commission on the Arts.

PRFDance & Cultural Center's evolution was made possible in part by the generosity of Austin's own Ruta Maya Importers and City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division's Capacity Building Program. We dedicate this cultural center to those who come seeking a world-class education in culture and folklore, who wish to discover and celebrate their identity, who yearn to become connected to a community, who will inspire and be inspired by role models, mentors and friends, and who, inside these walls, find a sense of pride and a dream for the future. Enjoy photos from our grand opening festivities that demonstrated once again our committment to handing down our beautiful heritage to a new generation!

Bombazo Celebration Begins!

Handing down the heritage to the children!

Who is this cute little dancer?

Families enjoying a picnic on the lawn

Domino fever starts young in Texas!

Best wishes from Grammy and COA Cultural Arts Division

Plena's alive in Austin!

Even the little ones play Plena

The little ones DANCE Plena

And the little ones SING Plena!!!

EVERYONE dances Plena!

What a wonderful crowd!

Thanks all for coming!

See Photo Album for other past performances and events!

We hold the banner high for Puerto Rico everyday!
Thank you in advance for your donation of any size!!

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Puerto Rican Cultural Center
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