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Taino Resources

"Inside every mestizo there is either one dead Indian or an Indian waiting to re-emerge" -- Jose Barreiro, Taino

Puerto Rico has a rich culture whose origins can be traced back to native Taino, Spanish and West African roots. While we know much about our Spanish and African roots, our Puerto Rican community at large knows little about our Taino Heritage. We hope you enjoy this list of Taino resources. If you know of other interesting links to add let us know! We are adding websites as we find them!

TAINO Research & Resources

  • Our Taino Heritage
  • Taino Research References, Books, News, DVDs
  • Taino Dictionaries
  • Instruments
  • Tabonuco (Taino incense)
  • Taino Ancestry - DNA Test References
  • Taino Arts & Crafts
  • Taino & Census 2010 (historical reference)
  • PRFDance Taino Research Project

    TAINO Videos

    There are alot of videos out there. Here are our favorites, chosen for authenticity and high quality representation of the Taino people and history.
  • Concilio Taino - Dia del Taino, July 25, 2008 (Ceremonia in Full Native Dress)
  • Concilio Taino - AREYTO - Cueva de la Mora, Comerio 4 de julio 2007 (Contemporary Ceremonia)
  • Concilio Taino at Charco Azul, Puerto Rico (Informal Celebration)
  • The Tainos Part 1 By Iroqua (Historical Documentary)
  • The Tainos Part 2 By Iroqua (Historical Documentary)
  • The Tainos Part 3 By Iroqua (Historical Documentary)
  • Indio Taino - Aguadilla
  • The Lost Taino Tribe (Documentary)
  • indios tainos
  • Boriken Warrior by Koa Native American Images of the Taino Tribe from Puerto Rico (beautiful photos)
  • Taino Indian Symbols of Puerto Rico Caribe El Yunque
  • Festival Indigena de Jayuya, Puerto Rico 2004 (Annual Pageant)
  • Ritual Muerte Taina (Dramatization)
  • Ritual Cohoba Taino (Dramatization)
  • La Hamaca Taina (Dramatization)
  • Atabeira (Dramatization)
  • Words from the Taino language (Part 1)
  • Words from the Taino language (Part 2)


  • News Links by The Voice of the Taino People
  • PresenciaTaina.TV
  • Official Taino Nation News
  • Los Mitos Tainos
  • The Taino & Carib from the Powhatan Museum of Indigenous Arts and Culture.
  • The Voice of the Taino People - Newsletters

    We'd like to thank Concilio Taino Guatu-ma-cu A Boriken
    for all they have taught us.

    We hold the banner high for Puerto Rico everyday!
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