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Bailes de las Montañas (Seis)



"Puerto Rico was born dancing
      with the Areyto indio...
      ...and has always lived dancing."



History of Puerto Rican Music & Dance

Bailes de Salon (Danza)

Puerto Rico has a rich culture whose origin is based in native Taino, Spanish and West African roots. As we teach the traditional music and dances of the Puerto Rico, we also teach the history and cultural significance behind them. PRFDance Founding Director, Dr. Ana María Tekina-eirú Maynard has written many short articles for her cultural center students so that they can get to know the richness of our Puerto Rican heritage. We have posted our short articles here, and included references and links to our carefully documented research, to serve our world-wide-web community.

Linked to the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture as an English-language educational resource, our website receives over 3000 weekly world-wide visitors, students, educators, and organizations seeking information on Puerto Rico's cultural traditions and history.

References and Resources

**Original Quote, "Puerto Rico nacio bailando con el Areyto indio...y siempre ha vivido bailando." From Cesareo Rosa-Nieves, "Apuntes sobre los bailes in Puerto Rico," Historia 1/2 (October 1951), p. 191 and Cesareo Rosa-Nieves, "Voz Folklorica de Puerto Rico", Troutman Press 1967, p. 83.

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